We Treat

•    Sports Injuries

•    Back and Neck Pain

•    Stiff and Painful Joints

•    Headaches

•    Flexibility and Postural Problems

•    Core Stability Issues

•    Women's Health

We see patients for rehabilitation after the following

•   Surgery

•   Work Place Injuries

•   Motor Vehicle Accidents

Clients of Elevate Physiotherapy Jindabyne have access to the well-equipped gym facilities of High Country Fitness at the time of their treatment, as part of their rehabilitation, if required.

Following an extensive consultation and examination our therapists use a variety of techniques to assist in your recovery including:

•  Mobilisation

•  Soft Tissue Therapy

•  Dry Needling

•  Clinical Pilates

•  Taping including Kynesio Tape

•  Exercise Therapy including Stretching and Strengthening

•  Postural Re-Education

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Veterans Affairs, Workcover and Motor Traffic Authority clients are all welcome at Elevate Physiotherapy.